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Unbiased Engineering Inspections of your Seawall and Dock by Professional Engineers




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It only takes one storm.

One storm event could prove disastrous to your seawall, dock and property

It only takes one storm.

One storm event could prove disastrous to your seawall, dock and property
Stormy water surges against a dock and seawall
We are here to help.
Seawall Inspections
Bulkheads, revetments, seawalls and similar shoreline protection structures at residential or commercial properties
Dock Inspections
Berthing, docking and recreational structures at marinas, yacht clubs, small craft harbors and residential locations
About Seawall & Dock Inspection
We provide detailed seawall and dock inspections with comprehensive engineering-based reports along the Florida Peninsula.
Seawall and Dock assessments are not just an additional item to a home inspection. It is out core business.
Fair & Unbiased
We are not in the business of selling you a brand new seawall, therefore we are going to give you only what you need to know.
Our detailed seawall and dock assessment report will advise you of required repairs and maintenance based on a timeline.
Licensed & Insured
All reports and final analysis performed by a certified Professional Engineer licensed in the State of Florida.
We have engineered, permitted, inspected, and overseen construction of seawalls, docks, and other waterfront structures for several years.
Our seawall and dock assessment reports can be digitally transmitted and are completed within a timely manner following physical inspection.
Why Choose Seawall & Dock Inspection
...and not a home inspector or marine contractor?
Your first instinct might be to go to a home inspector or a marine contractor, but here are just a few reasons why you should talk to us instead.
Engineering Based Assessments
Using a combination of engineering judgement and experience, we can identify causes of damage from an unbiased perspective.
Repair Options and Costs
Using our experience we can provide you with several remediation or repair options and their estimated costs.
Post-Inspection Assistance
If requested, we can provide post-inspection engineering and project management assistance to ensure a competitive bidding process from contractors.
In-Water Inspections
A majority of the issues with seawalls and docks require a waterside vantage point. All of our inspections are performed both above and in-water.
Seawall & Dock Inspections are our ONLY focus
We specialize in assessing these structures. Don’t settle for an ‘add-on’ to a traditional home inspection.
Additional Services

Design & Engineering

Having a Professional Engineer develop drawings and specifications is having the confidence that your structure will last, and it also enables you to compare "apples to apples" when getting bids from contractors.


In many cases, the repair or replacement of a structure is simple to permit. However, in many cases the permitting can be cumbersome, expensive, and time consuming and often requires an expert.

Project Management

Assistance with the bid process, construction monitoring and overall project management for your structure. Helpful with larger or complicated projects to ensure the final constructed product meets your requirements.